Firefly Zero

A modern handheld game console with effortless multiplayer. It's fun to play, alone or with friends, and easy to program.

For players

  • Lots of never-before-seen unique games.
  • The easiest same-room multiplayer.
  • Unique touchpad controls inspired by Steam Controller.
  • Works and will always work without the internet.
  • You own it. No cloud subscription, no online-only games or services, no DRM. The games you buy today will stay yours forever.
  • Safe, thanks to cryptography.

For developers

  • Programmable in Go, Rust, Zig, TypeScript, Python, Lua, and lots of other languages.
  • Don't know programming yet? Make your first game in 5 minutes with Blockly!
  • The easiest way to make multiplayer games.
  • Desktop emulator, CLI, and lots of other development tools.
  • Friendly and safe API without direct memory manipulation.
  • Open source software and hardware.
  • Touchpad, accelerometer, multi-color display.
  • First-class support for scores, leaderboards, and achievements.

Early adoption FAQ

What happens to my game if your startup fails?

As one of our first steps, we plan a web emulator. And we already have a desktop emulator. Even if the physical device will never come to life, your game will still be playable online.

How to follow the progress?

Follow us on Mastodon (RSS) and Pixelfed.

Will it be open-source?

Yes! Both software and hardware will be free and open-source. Our main profit will be from selling physical units.

How much will it cost?

It depends on the production costs. It won't be expensive, we're not trying to reinvent a smartphone. But it won't be as cheap as countless Chinese GBA clones. In any case, we'll make sure that it's free considering the included games. For example, if the device costs $100 and an average retro game costs $5, we'll make sure to provide at least 20 free high-quality games.

When can I buy it?

We go with the flow. We focus on delivering the best product rather than delivering anything but fast. We'll make sure to provide a way to donate money for the cause. And when we have the prototype perfected, we plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the production.

How can I help?

The most valuable help we can get is people who'll make games for the console and provide us feedback on all the difficulties they have. We want to perfect the development tooling and experience. But we need to settle some moving parts first.


We are geeks making gamedev fun and easy.



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